Balkans review

I think Balkans and I say childhood. My familly is closely conected with this peninsula. Despite the fact that all my ancestry is from southern Poland, we all love Balkans. Croatia was also the first country where my parents took me for first foregin holidays. Since then we have visited Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, nortern Greece and almost all Croatian seaside. Maybe it's moutains and see conected with people and tradition makes this land so uncommon. Once you go there you will always want to come back there. Just be open for local people and nature.

Of cure I haven't been everywhere but I want to share with you my experience. All photos were taken by members of family during last few days. Some of them I posted few months ago. 

Plans for this year? Southern Greece and Cyclade islands. Never enough of Balkans !

How to get there?

The best way is by car. If you live closely enough use your own, if not try to rent one. Car is the most comfortable mean of transport considering transits from one beautiful beach to another or somewhere inland.

Where to stay?

Finding 5-star hotel is for sure possible, however, it's much easier to find B&B or apartment in resonable price. You can book one through internet or just go there and decide where to sleep on a spot decisson. It is the best way of you are not sure which town to choose. Simply take a ride aroud and choose the most suitable for you.

Where to eat?

I don't remember names of every place where I've eaten but it's not hard to find good restaurant. Balkan food is typical for Mediterraneans, full of seafood, goat cheese, fresh vegetables and typical bread. Of curse every country and every region have its onwn specifics which are worth to try.

What to see and do?

Plitvice National Park one of the must see during your holidays. National park is located inland in the middle of Croatia. What's so special there? Huge huge waterfalls, not very high but very wide, surrounded with green forest and deep-blue water. Tourist can take a walk along many footbridges and admire work of nature.

Old city of Dubrovnik probably the most popular croatian old city, known for its location on an islen and red rooftops, Nowadays you can find there both tradtional hauses and luxurious places. It's protected by UNESCO.

Ohrid not big city situated by the Ohrid lake. If you want to feel energy of Macedonia you should go there. Traditional town with its older part. You can find there historical places and road markets with vegetables and spices.

Roadtrip through Adriatic seaside. You wont regret it, no matter if it's Croatia, Montenegro or Albania.