Bucket List

Bucket List! It was one of my main goals and I've finally done it. All this points are to be done so let's start saving money and make dreams come true :)

Ps. This is not fixed list. Every time I find something new, I will add it.

  1. Get married and really mean it
  2. Swim with sharks
  3. Go on safari
  4. See northern lights
  5. Go camping
  6. Go sky-diving
  7. Go bungee jumping
  8. Go dog-sledding
  9. Spend a night on a beach
  10. Celebrate New Year in NYC
  11. Attend beach party
  12. Have a cigar on Cuba
  13. Celebrate Holli in India
  14. Cross the Amazon
  15. Visit Jerusalem
  16. Caravan trip on Sahara
  17. Go backpacking
  18. Go hitch-hiking
  19. Ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia
  20. Spend at least one week biking
  21. Ride Trans Siberian
  22. Explore Machu Picchu
  23. Visit Amsterdam
  24. Give more than $1000 to charity
  25. Visit nudist beach
  26. Climb an active volcano
  27. Swim in Dead See
  28. Jump off a cliff (at least 10m high)
  29. See Victoria Falls
  30. Get a tattoo
  31. See wild whales
  32. Swim with dolphins
  33. See wild see turtle
  34. Go on an euro trip
  35. Visit Galapagos islands
  36. Learn to ski
  37. Visit South Africa
  38. Take a gondola ride ion Venice
  39. Go on a cruise
  40. Have and bring up a children
  41. Go Kayaking
  42. Ride a horse for few hours
  43. Visit India
  44. See Himalayas
  45. Visit Los Angeles
  46. Go diving
  47. Learn surfing
  48. See a shooting star
  49. Travel by helicopter
  50. Travel by private plane
  51. Go on a road trip
  52. Get drivers license
  53. Buy my own car
  54. Boat down Nile
  55. See pandas in the wild
  56. See a geyser erupt on Iceland
  57. Fire a gun
  58. Try coachsurfing
  59. Spend a night in igloo
  60. Visit Morocco
  61. Visit Berlin
  62. Try pasta in Italy
  63. Try pizza in Italy
  64. Try sushi in Japan
  65. Visit Paris
  66. Have a cup of coffee on Eiffel Tower
  67. Visit Disneyland
  68. Get a full body massage
  69. Practise yoga in India
  70. Visit Easter Island
  71. Visit pink sand beach in Bahamas
  72. Visit green sand beach in Hawaii
  73. Try Wakeboarding
  74. Try Flyboardnig
  75. Ride a tandem bike
  76. Jump into fountain
  77. Sleep in five star hotel
  78. Dance Zorba with Greeks
  79. Fly first class
  80. Visit all 7 continents
  81. Have lunch in Central Park
  82. Walk through Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  83. Visit Grand Canyon
  84. Visit Maya Bay in Thailand
  85. Visit Taj Mahal
  86. Visit the Louvre
  87. See Leaning Tower of Pisa
  88. Go Zorbing
  89. Climb a glacier
  90. Go snowmobiling
  91. Ride a segway
  92. Spend a night in Ice Hotel
  93. Spend a night in a tree house
  94. Visit Algarve in Portugal
  95. Visit Lisboa
  96. Attend a ballet
  97. Attend La Tomatina
  98. Attend carnival in Rio de Janero
  99. Drink milk straight from a coconut
  100. Play paintball
  101. See Coliseum
  102. Visit Hagia Sohpia
  103. Own a home
  104. Visit top of Empire State Building
  105. Go kitesurfing
  106. Party on Ibiza
  107. Elephant ride in India
  108. Visit Bora Bora
  109. Visit Maldives
  110. Visit Seychelles
  111. Visit Mexico
  112. Attend Music Festival
  113. Visit Notting Hill
  114. Visit South Korea
  115. See rice terraces
  116. Have a spa day
  117. Go paragliding
  118. Visit Graceland
  119. Have a typical English breakfast in England
  120. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  121. See Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia
  122. Bath an Elephant
  123. Attend F1 Grand Prix
  124. Visit Madagascar
  125. Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
  126. Visit Savannah
  127. Have a Master Degree
  128. Visit Hong Kong
  129. Go indoor sky-diving
  130. Ride a camel
  131. Visit Dubai
  132. Make breakfast in bed for someone
  133. Start my own Café
  134. Visit Alaska
  135. Visit New Zealand
  136. Practice yoga in Bali
  137. Ride a Vespa in Rome
  138. Visit all 5 cities of Cinque Terre
  139. Visit Monte Carlo
  140. Visit Barcelona
  141. Visit Copenhagen
  142. Visit Oslo
  143. Visit Stockholm
  144. See Fjords in Norway
  145. Drink Whisky in Scotland
  146. Have a Champagne for breakfast
  147. Drink tequila in Mexico
  148. Visit Kenya
  149. Visit Zanzibar
  150. Have a meaningful talk with stranger
  151. Attend an opera
  152. Make graffiti
  153. Live at least one year abroad
  154. Visit Valley of Kings in Egypt
  155. Visit Tel Aviv
  156. Visit Finland
  157. Visit San Petersburg
  158. Watch sunset on Santorini (one more time)
  159. Jump off a waterfall
  160. Visit Times Square
  161. Drive a Porsche
  162. Drive a Ferrari
  163. Drive Lamborghini
  164. Climb Kilimanjaro
  165. Walk through rain forest
  166. Design a dress
  167. Become an aunt
  168. Become a godparent
  169. Visit sauna in Finland
  170. Visit Blue Mosque
  171. Road trip in California
  172. Visit Greenland
  173. Earn one million of dollars
  174. Go extreme rafting
  175. Have an around-the-world journey
  176. Participate in Fashion Week Paris or/and NYC
  177. Road trip in Alps
  178. Catch a first plane available and take it
  179. Choose travel destination playing dart
  180. Buy Chanel bag
  181. Have a walk-in closet


  1. Wow! A lot of:) Wish u 2 do it! :)

  2. I highly recommend canoeing in Missouri. You flow down the river for few days. Camping at night. It covers couple goals from your list. There are cliffs to jump from, too. And rope-swing (you release rope and fall to the water). I hope that I helped :D

    1. Dear Sabina, let's give it a chance ;) (but you go with me)


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