Summer in squares

Bucharest, Romania

Vienna, Austria

Wild Alps, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Tricity, Poland

Summer 2015 was good for me. I'm thankful for knowledge and expiriences I could gain and for people I could meet. for 2,5 months traveling. From two weeks vacation in Greece, through one week of  World Dance Cup in Bucharest, one and half months working in Vienna, one day trip to Alps, and escapade with colleagues to Salzburg, to excrusion to polish seaside. I enjoed every minute of this journey but there is nothing like home.

Ps. For extra explanation to this post check the earlier one.


  1. Your life is full of an amzing adventures. I'm happy that I could join you for while <3

    1. so glad for that! Hope we can see each other soon and have fun together <3


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