Greece - Milos

This is the last, but I hope not least, post from Greece. Every time I think about this country I imagine white houses with blue shutters, crystal clear water, fresh and delicious food and happy people but it's not only my imagination. If you ever go to Milos you will see that Greece really looks like this.

Arriving on Milos after famous Santorini was like entrance to a different world. These islands are located not far away from each other but they are so different. Life on Milos is calm and slowly, everyne there has time and there is no rush. It was unforgettable expirience to live such life for a few days. We spend there 4 days lazy touring the island but for me it was not enough. The island has more than 80 beaches with variety of shape, from laguna beaches to cliff one. Despite seashore, island could pride itself with climatic small villages. But the best thing is that it's not discovered yet and not many tourists are comming there. Maybe this makes this island so wild and free.

How to get there?

There are two options: by plane or by ferry. Cost of a flight to Athens is around 65 euro and it takes half an hour. The fast ferry to Pireas cost only few euro less and takes around 3 hours. More slowly one costs around 30 euro and takes 7 hours. It is also possible to get to Mykonos, Naxos, Rhodos, Crete or few smaller islands by ferry but for a price you need to ask google.

Where to stay?

The centre of the island is Adamas - port village. To be honest, I haven't seen any 5-star hotel there but finding a better apartment shouldn't be a problem. As well as on Santorini, we also entrusted the fortune and found decent roms (Irini Studios). Once you get off a ferry you will find people waiting for you to rent their apartments, if not, there is an info-point  just in port. Other places which we were offered to stay were located in Plaka and Pollonia.

Where and what to eat?

During whole stay we were tasting many dishes in Marianna restaurant. We were recomended with this restaurant and I can trully recomend it to you. Begining on stuff and finishing on traditionam greek food, everything was perfect. My favourite dishes are Moussaka, Pastitsio and Octopus. During whole stay in Greece you also should try Baklava and traditional yoghurt with friuts or sponge cake.

What to do and what to see?

- Plaka - Capital town of the islad located on a hill. It is said that sunsets there could be compared to these on Santorini but unlickily I didn't check it myself. Anyway, if you are going there, you wont regreat hiking to a castle on the top of the hill. View from there is just incredible, you can see whole island with its bay and neighboring islands. It is also possible to visit catacombas and amphiteater where Venus from Milos was found (now, the sculpture is in Louwre Museum).

- Paliohori Beach - Located on a southern part of island, can interessed you with colorfull infiltration on a cliff. Thanks to emiting sulfur we cad admire natural wonder. You can rean a canoe or pedalo to see unobtainable parts of this beach. It's really woth to go there and see hidden parts, just be careful about your feets because you can get burned due to hot sand covering undergroud exhalation of sulfur.

- Sarakiniko Beach - Small piece of sand located beween fancy rocks and cliffes can make you feel like you were on the Moon. If you ever go there do not bother to go for a walk a bit more far away than others. Both Paliohori and Sarakiniko you can easily reach by local bus. It costs 1.60 euro and leaves from Adamas.

- Sailcruise - It's one of the most popular Milos's attraction. You can go for round-the-island organized trip or rent a privat sailboat and decide where to go. Thanks to a boat you can see Kleftiko Beach which is impossible to be seen from land. Sailing along seashore you can also see Klima - old, colorful, fishermen's boat garages.

- Papafragas Beach - Beach hidden between high, rock cilffs - still on my "to be seen" list.

I hope that you are more convinced to visit Greece now. I was my second time in this beautiful country but not last one. There are still many places which I want to see and many things which I want to expirience. Let's see if I will be lucky to go there again.

Ps. If you have any more tip about Greece, leave a comment for next readers. Thanks.