Winter via Instagram

It might seem that I'm not the biggest fan of winter. However, it's only illusion! I love winter :>
I live in a small city, Zakopane, and belive me there is nowhere as beautiful as here during winter. Just snow, moutains and a little bit of sun. Doesn't it sound lovely? Here I come with my favourite winter photos from my instagram. Enjoy ! and let's dance because it's spring :)

December: 1. Sunset sky above Rówień Krupowa in Zakopane 2. Cheesecake and coffee in new STRHcafe 3. Viennese opera house 4. NYE party with friends

January: 5. View from Tatranska Lomnica on Slovakia 6. One sunday afternoon around my house 7. Late afternoor roadtrip in tough snowy conditions 8. Sunrise on my way to school

February: 9. Schmetterlinghaus in Vienna 10. Hofburg 11. sunset above Vienna 12. Iced coffee in Tygodnik Podhalański cafe in Zakopane

March: 13. I'm sunset lover <3 with my cousin on skidoo 14. Walk in Tatrzański National Park 15. Time for cross-country skiing!16. Snowboarding on Kasprowy Wierch

17. Walk with the dog 18.(on the top) last roadtrip round Zakopane with my bestie <3

That's all from now. I invite all of you to come to Zakopane,Poland, and feel the magic of winter here.