Viennese diary


Honestly, I can not say a bad word about this city. People there are friendly and helpful, really. Of curse you can find there always grubling people but it's not as easy as it seems. It's a big city for young people and I haven't felt as much free as there anywhere else. You can do whatever you want and look however you want and there will always be some people admireing you.
→  How to get there?

I got there with privat bus company which picks you up from where you live and brinds you directly where you want to get off (company name is Kalata). If you are from outside the Poland you can check flights or train service. The best way to move in the city is by underground (ubahn).

→ What to do there?

Even simply walk through town centre can bring extraordinary expirience. No matter if it sun or rain you can feel magic and uniqueness of that place. It's a modern town with strong historical and tradition roots. There are a lot of museum and I'm sure that everyone will find something for themself. 

My latest three-day trip plan looked like:

    Day 1

Because of the number of museums in Vienna I decided to vistit some starting with Albertina. Huge buildnig with its four painting exhibitions is located near Karlsplatz. I love art so it was perfect place to see world's biggest artists. Next I went towards butterflyhouse (Schmeterlinghaus) and had one of the most surprising momemnts in my life. If you think that butterflies are always cute you should go there and check it how it is when one of this 10cm long creatures sits on your head ... Wrrr ... But anyway they are still gentle and beautiful :) My final destination was Kunst Haus Wien. Not very old building designed by Hundertwasser where you can find his paintings and expirience not flat floors (which is quite weird). It's really worth to see unusual vision of this artist.

    Day 2

Second day was a little bit more forgiving. In the morning I visited Technisches Museum (perfect for kids or "big kids") then had lunch time with my friends. What wast next? Hofburg ! It's definitely MUST SEE especially when you are in Vienna in winter just beause it was winter palace of emperor. I called that day "empire day" because I went to Schonbrunn gardens to admire sunset over city. Lovely.

    Day 3

The last day was the most lazy one. If you are tired of sightseeing try shopping :) There is magical place called Mariahilferstreet where you can find as much shops as you need. Just before leaving I went to Schwedenplatz to catch latest sunlights. Directly from there I took a last walk to the Stephanplatz, the hart of the city.

→Are there any must have visited places?]

For me everyone visiting Vienna should wander around st. Stephan cathedral and Schönbrunn. It is also good to see the city from any panorama place like Donauturm, tower on Stephansdom or similar.

→What to eat and where to eat?

What I first thought abou food in Austria was Schnitzel - large flat beef cutlet served with potatoes. For dessert best choice is Sachercake or Apflestrudel. You can get them in almost every restaurant but for tasteing Sachercake you should choose Hotel Sacher where it was initially served.

That's all from now. I recomend Vienna as a weekend travel destination for all. What's more, I'm sure that it will be unforgetable expirience.

See you soon Vienna!

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