London photo diary

Okeeej, tak jak pisałam to post typowo ze zdjęciami. Postaram się umieścić jakieś krótkie informacje pod każdym zdjęciem.

Here I come with some photos from England.

typical english ice-cream, I dont't know exactly how they call it but it's veeery creamy and smootie with chocolate stick inside, delicious

Main street in Oxford, promenade full of shops, cafes and vintage buildings

If you take some steps otside the city centre in Oxford, you can find there a lot of vintage shops with cheep or second0hand books and vinyl records

covered market in Oxford, you can find there every typical british product

inside Harrods, my bag vs. Chanel bags - and the winner is...

Harrods shopping mall, full of Arabian and Russian women (and few tourist just admireing)

inside British Museum

famous Van Gogh's Sunfolvers inside National Gallery

Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the background

view from cafe on 6th floor in Tate Modern

London Eye

London by night

Westminster Abbey

I have photo of House of Parliment in every weather conditions and every time of day

Soho Square

the highest building in Europe

Piccadilly Circus


Starbucks at any time and any place 

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